IT Consultancy
Advising & Implementing IT Solutions

Connected World’s IT consultancy services can help every type and size of business change their IT systems for the better. Our team of expert consultants work with your business to achieve your technology goals and meet any challenges along the way. We are proud to provide IT solutions that stand the test of time and always remain cost-effective.

Whether your business already has an existing IT strategy in place or you need an initial consultation, we can build a strategy tailored to your business’ unique requirements. You also benefit from being able to use our consultancy services as and when you need them. Use our ad-hoc IT consultancy services to provide advice or hands on help to your existing IT team or let them handle all of your systems as a fully managed service, the choice is yours.

Strategic Roadmap for Your Development

Our consultants begin by identifying where you are, where you want to be and how we can get you there. They will then provide a full roadmap for your businesses’ IT development, with achievable goals that we will work towards together.

Tailored Project Planning & Delivery

No two businesses are the same and so neither are two projects for our consultants. We tailor the planning and delivery of clients’ projects to their businesses’ unique requirements. This could be a specific time scale, need, budget, or any other factor.

Support, Maintenance and Ongoing Consultation

Once your businesses’ new IT strategy is in place, our teams are still able to support your business by providing ongoing consultations, maintenance work for your existing IT systems and ad-hoc support where needed.

Our Areas of Expertise

Connected World have multiple areas of expertise, made possible by our highly experienced team and their varied backgrounds in business technology services. You can choose to have your services fully managed by them or to have ad-hoc support as and where you need it.

Strategic IT Development

Our IT consultants can help you develop an IT plan for the future that will help improve your business.


We offer a wide range of connectivity solutions to keep your business connected including broadband, WiFi and Ethernet.


Connected World offers world class communications technology including handsets and hardware by Avaya and call handling software from Invosys.


Keeping your business protected from cybercrime is easy with Connected World. Our consultants will run a full audit of your business highlighting areas where you could be vulnerable before providing a full proof solution.

Cloud Solutions

Cloud technology is having a huge impact on modern business. From storage right through to phone systems, Connected World can help you take full advantage of the Cloud’s capabilities.

Business Software

Connected World offers software that can help your business achieve more, and supplies hardware that is fully provisioned with the software your business needs so can simply plug and go.

Connectivity Solutions

No matter what your connectivity requirements may be, our consultants can recommend an internet solution to meet your needs.

Public & Private WiFi

We can set up and configure either public or private WiFi for your business with the security and privacy settings you require.

Phone Systems

Having a phone system that compliments your IT and connectivity in place is critical to keeping your company communicating efficiently.

Business software

Office 365, the Adobe suite and Microsoft Office are just some of the business software that we can provide for the most cost-efficient prices.


Computers, laptops, desk phones and mobile devices are just some of the types of hardware we can provide, all of which can be fully provisioned before being sent to you.

Cloud Services

Whether you already know the cloud service that your business requires or you are interested in finding out how cloud technology could benefit your business, we can help.

Security Consultancy

We always begin every security consultation with a full audit of your existing cybersecurity systems. We will then highlight areas for improvement before helping you to implement change.

Managed Security

Our managed security services can help keep your business and your customers safe by managing each aspect of your cybersecurity setup.


We can recommend the type of firewall that will bet help you to protect your network from unwanted access.

Antivirus & Malware

As part of our IT Consultancy services, we can recommend and put in place software that protects your business from viruses and malware.

Data Recovery & Protection

Our data protection methods and technology can help protect your business from cybercrime and loss of data.

Email & Web Security

Keeping safe on the internet can be difficult, our email and web security services can provide you with the advice and software you need to remain protected at all times.