Welcome to Connected World

Connected World is a business with a rich history. As a provider, we have continued to adapt and change our own offerings to anticipate and meet customer demands.

IT solutions Company

Originating as a telecoms reseller, we soon identified the need for data oriented services and so began offering services such as data connectivity to the public.

After several successful years of operating as an IT Solutions Company , we noticed a gap in our own providings and so branched out and acquired CE-Services. This acquisition allowed us to provide IT services with a dedicated engineering team.

In a broader context, however, this meant that we could now offer the consumer the full service wrap, a truly end to end service encompassing telephony, connectivity and IT solutions.

The Connected World Difference

The very short answer is that there is no other provider like Connected World. What we mean by this is that no other company (to our knowledge) offers the full bespoke, end-to-end solution that Connected World does.

It is a rarity that a customer of Connected World comes to us in need of one stand alone product or service and, if they do, we often find that they will return to us further down the line after being impressed with our service.

Where are Connected World Going?

The direction for Connected World moving forward revolves around broadening the range of products and services available as well as our geographical reach. We will never be comfortable being a static IT solutions company.

Connected World will stay ahead by providing the full internal service wrap for end users. They can also expect to see more and more next-gen technology added to our portfolio as we intend to stay ahead of the market in terms of technological offerings.