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What Does it Mean to Be a Connected World Partner?

Becoming a partner with Connected World is a unique opportunity for new and existing technology suppliers to access a diverse range of products and services covering IT, cybersecurity, telecommunications and managed services.

Being a partner of Connected World means having our suite of products and services readily available to sell without needing to worry about aspects such as billing. You own the relationship with your customers, selling our products and services, and will handle the rest for you.

What Products and Services Can Connected World Partners Sell?

Our partners can sell every product and service in the Connected World suite which covers IT, cybersecurity, telecommunications as well as managed services.

Our range of products and services includes offerings from well known and trusted technology suppliers such as ESET, SonicWall, Avaya and Invosys, with whom we have personal relationships.

What Do Connected World Partners Benefit From?

  • Access to over 140 unique products and services.
  • A partner with over two decades of experience in providing business technology.
  • Ready to share partner marketing resources.
  • Full support from billing to contracts and marketing.
  • Rewards and further incentives for high sales.

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